Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fortune Palace Chinese Restaurant Carlingford Village

So I am fan of crustaceans and I must say that lobsters definitely provide the most meat.
So on my quest to find yummy affordable lobster, and calling up different places to find out prices I came across Fortune Palace Chinese Restaurant in Carlingford Village advertising $28.80 for 1/2 kg of lobster.
Now - not being Chinese could not read anything but the numbers, and I'm sure there was fine print in there. (plus no writing in English at all for the seafood)

So we walk in and ask for lobster to share between 2 people
and here comes the catch (which I have been subsequently told is common in chinese restaurants) - I need to order 2 other dishes. mmm... anyway can't argue with the rules so end up ordering random vegetables and meat that didn't really want to have.

The ginger and shallot lobster I must say was quite yum.
Since then we have gone back a couple of occasions and each time the criteria seems to change - they have different prices on weight.
On one occasion there was a chlorine type smell to the lobster which I later googled to find out that meant they may not be fresh. Also, the last time the sauce was gluggy.

Why to I keep going back - because it is cheap lobster. Still about 1/2 the price at other restaurants.
Service is variable. I think in any chinese restaurant you're never treated as well if you don't speak the language. But generally there have been english speaking waiters that make sure we get out free post dinner red bean soup, orange piece and glutinous rice balls.

Price 8/10
Taste 7/10
Service 5/10
Ambience 5/10

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